What does digital transformation actually mean for you?



There’s much talk of digital transformation, but what does that actually mean? Is it even relevant to you and your business?

Technology used to be something that was added, an add-on tool that helped the business do what it did. While of course that’s still true, technology is becoming increasingly embedded in the DNA of organizations. In fact, many companies are their technology and would not exist without it. Google and Amazon are probably two of the best examples.

Of course, most businesses aren’t like this. Increasingly however, non-tech companies are coming to the realization that in the 21st Century they have to become tech companies. And that’s true whatever sector they are in: legal, retail, business services, manufacturing, transport or hospitality.

Why digitalization matters to your business

For instance, if you don’t introduce digital systems into your business, you won’t be able to share information within your company, and it will stay locked away in silos. Neither will your processes work seamlessly together, as data has to be manually transferred, slowing down output and making you less productive.

As a result, your customers or clients will find that they aren’t getting the speed or quality of service from you that they can get from others, and that’s not good for business. Without digital transformation you can’t create the all-important competitive advantage that will help you stand out in your marketplace.

Of course, digitalization isn’t a one-off exercise, but should become what you do, with a continual requirement to add, refine and renew systems as your market evolves. However, up until relatively recently, the complexity of doing something like this, not to mention the resources required, would have been way beyond the capacity of most companies.

Digitalization is becoming ever easier

Fortunately, the development of new, much cheaper technology, and most particularly the arrival of cloud services, have fundamentally shifted the landscape away from old ways of working.

Now any company can embrace digital, and do so cost-effectively, without the need for specialist in-house help to run systems, or high-cost hardware and software.

But when you can do so much, actually knowing where to start is often one of the greatest hurdles. That’s why we have created a unique tool that enables you to calculate your Digitalization Index based on over 200 parameters and competitor benchmarks. That makes it an exceptionally powerful tool for identifying and planning the next step in your digital transformation.

As your customers start using digital technologies more and more as part of their everyday lives, their digital expectations of those they buy from is going to rise. If you would like to know more about our Digital Index and how it can help you meet those expectations, have a chat with our team.