We are proud sponsors of Stockholm Beach Handball Club



CloudRepublic are proud sponsors of Stockholm’s first beach handball club! The club was founded in December 2015 and actively works to develop and promote beach handball in Sweden. In June, the club played SC (Swedish Championships) in Helsingborg, where there was a record number of participating teams, which indicates that the sport is constantly growing.

In July, the club was in Italian Gaeta and played an international tournament taking a prestigious seventh place. The club is one of three beach handball clubs in Sweden and has four players who in June also received the honor to representing Sweden during the European Championships in Croatia. Head coach Tilda Wiiand is also acting head coach of the national team together with assistant coach Viktor Ericson.

We will follow the girls on their journey, and we have a representative from the CloudRepublic team, Therese Andersson, and she hopes to see more people from CloudRepublic in the sand in the future.
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What separates beach handball from regular handball, except that its played on sand, is that there are 4 people on the court at the same time and some style tricks that gives the team 2 points instead of 1. Doing a 360 or a so-called inflight before scoring gets you 2 points for an approved goal. The goalkeeper will be replaced in the offense and the player who comes in will get 2 points for goals, regardless of the way they score. Here is an example of an approved 360 that got 2 points (against England in Gaeta, Italy. Scorer Linda Cadario):

Are you more curious about Beach handbal? September 10th, the club is hosting an open tryout where everyone is welcome to try.