Sweden & the nordic countries in the bottom of digitalization



Sweden & the nordic countries in the bottom when it comes to digitalization

IDC released a report last week showing that Nordic companies have fallen behind in their digital transformation, and that Sweden is one of the countries in Europe who is working least actively with internal digitalization. As a measure, the Swedish government invested 78 million SEK to promote digitalization among small size businesses in Sweden. This is a good start, but a measure that unfortunately does not solve the real problem. If we look at larger companies, only 47% of them work actively to internally digitize their processes, in countries like France and Spain, this number is 76%.

So despite all the discussions about “becoming more digital”, it is only just under half of the large companies who take words into action when it comes to internal processes. We here at CLOUDREPUBLIC don’t think this is a reluctance to becoming more digital, but rather the fact that companies doesn’t know in which end to start.

CLOUDREPUBLIC was founded to to help companies realize their digital potential, both in Sweden and globally. The survey from IDC shows that our work is needed now more than ever, which of course makes us even more motivated in our daily work.

The bad news in this report is that Sweden and the Nordic countries have fallen behind in the their digital transformation, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be that way. We work every day to digitize companies, and we have no doubt that we will succeed long term. We are passionate about digitalization, and therefore we urge everyone to start becoming more digital.

If you need external help or insights we can help you, with our digitalization index, which shows you how far you have come in your digital transformation compared to competitors, workshops and services, to start or promote the digitalization of your organization, and finally a cloud catalog where you can find the tools you need to meet your digital transformation.

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