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Social Media Advertising

Social media is now such a large part of everyone’s daily routine that it has become a major marketing platform for any company aiming to be more digitally effective.

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Whether you want to raise your brand’s profile or sell more products, our social media advertising service will help you choose the right social channels so you can reach new target markets in the best way possible.

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Our Social Media Services include:

Analysis & SWOT

After a SWOT analysis of your social media activity, we can identify potential marketing and promotional opportunities.

Goals & Target Groups

Based on our analysis, we can highlight those groups you need to target in future to achieve greater social media success.

Strategy and Channels

With a prioritized list of target groups, we can create a highly effective advertising strategy that uses the most appropriate social media channels.


To track your digital progress and to understand where more optimization is needed, we will select a set of specific social media KPIs based upon your business and marketing goals.

Design & Copy

Using proven conversion best practice, we will design and write copy for your social ads, split testing alternative versions of each so as to optimize conversion rates for your campaigns.

Progress Reports

We will provide you with regular detailed reports of all activity and KPIs so you can review progress towards achieving your digital goals.

Account Management

To ensure you receive the best possible service from us, we will assign a personal account manager to you. They are your first point of contact and will be able to answer any of your questions.


To ensure your digital marketing consistently achieves the best results possible, we will continually measure, monitor and analyze your social media data so we can ensure our methods are optimally adjusted.

Trend Spotting

To make sure you are employing the most effective digital marketing methods, we constantly monitor the latest digital marketing thinking and practice trends.

Our Social Media Services

We offer three different social media packages. Basic is designed for smaller companies while our Business and Pro packages are more suitable for medium-sized or larger companies.

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Analysis & SWOT
Goal & Target Groups
Strategy and Channels
Design & Copy 5 ads with two variations 10 ads with two variations 20 ads with three variations
Account Management
Trend Spotting
Conversion Optimization

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Other services

Search Engine Optimization

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. But with over 40 billion searches made on it every day, if you want to be found there by prospective customers, you need to rank as highly as possible.

Our SEO services will make sure that your website is properly optimized for organic searches.

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With 40 million searches made on Google in Sweden every day, using Google AdWords is a highly effective way to quickly drive traffic to your site by marketing your business directly to those who are actively searching for a product or service like yours.

We can help you get started with digital marketing through AdWords and optimize them for the best possible result.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Effective conversion rate optimization will help you reach your online goals faster by turning visitors into leads and then sales.

By analyzing your data and using proven models we can make sure your website, ads and all other online material are optimized for maximum conversion.

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