Transformation workshops

Transformation Workshops

Our Transformation Workshops offers methods to identify digitalization opportunities of growth and excellence, and creates digitalization blueprints for your company.

Our Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you to take the next step in your digital transformation and help you to set the course for an effective digital strategy.

We can also help you to realise the results from the workshops through our transformation services.

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 Digital Strategy Workshop

Our Digital Strategy Workshop is designed to build digitalization knowledge and competence, as well as exploring new strategic opportunity areas for growth. Our workshops are modular and can be tailored to meet individual company’s strategic priority.

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Digitalization Workshop

Where are we in digitalization?

Our Digitalization Workshop helps you to understand the degree of digitalization of your company, the latest digitalization trends applicable to the industry, assess your  organization’s position in the business landscape and set goals for your digital transformation.

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 Competitor Benchmark

Where are our competitors?

Competitor Benchmark Workshop scans the digital competitive landscape and benchmarks your performance with your competitors’. It will give you a deeper understanding of your competitors’ practices and further clarifying your organization’s Digital Competence Gaps.

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 Opportunity Workshop

Where are the opportunities?

Opportunity Workshop helps you to detect, define and prioritize new business opportunities that can be achieved through digitalization.

Trough Value Chain Analysis we examine and identify opportunities along the value chain where organizations can utilize digitalization tools and create a new way of maximizing growth potential.

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 Excellence Roadmap

What do we need to get there?

The Excellence Roadmap Workshop helps you to define the “Why’s and How’s” in achieving the digitalization excellence.

Using Process Analysis to understand where the organization can create differentiation in its competitive landscape and develop competence through a Competence Plan.

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 Implementation Workshop

How to get there?

The Implementation Workshop helps you to decide the digitalization priorities and set up a clear implementation plan.

The implementation plan addresses topline growth opportunity as well as  bottom line improvement areas to realize the defined business opportunities or cost savings.

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 Digital Performance

How to continuously improve?

Digitalization Performance Workshop defines a structure and system to track, review and optimize the organization’s digitalization performance on a continuous basis.

Through CloudRepublic’s Performance Dashboard, you monitor digitalization targets and KPIs and track the benchmark with your competitors’ performance to drive continuous improvement.

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We can tailor each workshop based on your needs, and we’ll help you find the best possible solution for your Peter försaljningschefrequest.

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Other services

Di report

Digitalization Index

Our big data algorithm calculates you digitalization index and gives you an easy-to-compare number that shows you your current digital status.

Our full Index Report breaks down the index in subindexes and shows you what you need to do to become more digital.

The report also lets you compare your index to chosen competitors and gives you concrete recommendations on how to become more digital.

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Customer Insights Testing

You can expand your test group from a few people to thousands of people without having to pay more or compromise with a detailed target group.

You can, in a digital environment, reach individuals who are acting free from outside influences. You also achieve a big enough test volume to reach statistically significant results.

This service is developed by us and gives you quantitative results, but from a specifik target group.

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Digital Master Package

Our Digital Master Package focuses on combining the services you need most, and that will benefit your company best, and creates a digital master package.

This is a highly customizable service that can be adapted according to your needs.

The service can be based on your index level, or on what you know your company needs.

It’s the perfect service for getting started with your digital marketing.

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