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We can help you through the whole digitalization process, and our transformation services can help you with specific areas of digitalization.

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Guide to Digital

CloudRepublic can help your business leverage your digital potential with measurements, inspiration, methods, comparisons and concrete services that can transform your business to meet the digital demands of today. These are our service areas:

Digitalization index

Our digitalization index gives you a comparable index number that tells you how digital your company is. A customized report shows you where digitalization is needed and gives you concrete recommendations on how to improve.

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transformation toolbox

Our transformation toolbox can help you through the whole transformation process, or deep dive in a specific area of digitalization. Our services range from marketing solutions to workshops and tailored digitalization services. 

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The Digitalization Index is your first step towards digitalization. By looking at your presence online, on social media, visibility on Google, digital communication and more than 200 parameters, our unique AI based algorithm will measure your business’s digitalization index and give you an easy-to-compare number that shows your current digital maturity.

Based on your index we offer an index report that will give you insights about your current digital status, and where digital transformation is needed.

The index covers 5 main areas, which you can read about to the right. Together they provide your digital status from an outside-in perspective.

Do you want to know more about the index, contact us in the form below.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing

This subindex includes parameters such as SEO, SEM, social media advertising, and other forms of digital and online marketing.

Online sales

Online Sales

Online Sales is becoming more and more important today, no matter what business you’re in. We look at your ability to offer your products or services digitally.

marketing automation

Sales & Marketing Automation

There are many ways of capturing and maintaining customers in the internet age. This subindex looks at how well you utilize these opportunities.

User experience

User Experience

In User Experience, we look at your website as a whole, how it performs in terms of loading time and parameters that contribute to the digital user experience.



Communication looks at how easy it is to communicate with your company through digital channels. These include social media, as well as elements on your website.

Digital strategy webb

 Digital Strategy

We can provide a digital strategy, which is based on the index, that guides you towards a higher level of digitalization and maps ut how to take your company forwards.

We can create this strategy and apply it with the help of our transformation toolbox, and follow up regularly to see the progress of the efforts of each part of the strategy.

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Based on the Digitalization Index we offer a range of services that helps your company become more digital, raises your index level and in extension make you more profitable.

We can help you with digital marketing, conversion optimization, sales & marketing automation and much more, click on the services to read more.

We can customize all our service to fit your needs. 

Search engine optimization

We can help you rank higher in Google’s organic search, and by doing so, drive more traffic to your website.

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Our AdWords-packages helps you advertise on Google to build your brand and sell your products.

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marketing automation

Conversion Rate Optimization

We can help you increase your online sales, ROI and make your campaigns more effective.

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sociala medier

Social media advertising

Social Media has become a part of everyones daily routine, and we can help you reach them with targeted advertising.

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Digital Master Package

Digital Master Package

This service focuses on combining the services you need most, and that will benefit your company best, and creates a digital master package.

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Digital insights

Customer Insights Testing

We can test different aspects of a products or campaigns like price, value proposition, design and more on thousands of people within a detailed target group.

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marketing automation

Website development

We can help you develop a website, either from scratch or redesigning and optimizing your current site.

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marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Many companies spend a large part of their budget and working hours to get new customers. Fortunately, this process can be made simpler and more efficient.

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digitalization workshop

Transformation Workshops

Our Transformation Workshops offers methods to identify digitalization opportunities of growth and excellence, and creates digitalization blueprints for your company.

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  • The Digitization Indexet was a valuable tool for gaining an overview of our digital maturity, how we stand against our closest competitors and what areas we need to look closer at when we continue our digital journey.


  • Fantastic report! It is extremely detailed and gave us a lot of great insights.


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