A cloud server is very similar to a physical server but can offer a different kind of functionality. When you use a cloud server you rent a virtual server space, rather than renting or purchasing physical server. Traditionally there are two main options for hosting: shared hosting and dedicated hosting, and with cloud hosting you get the best of both worlds. Since a cloud server can be changed according to the size and capacity needed by the user, it makes it more flexible, and therefore also more cost-effective. You access what you need, when you need it, and then only pay for what you’ve used afterwards.
Unlike dedicated servers, cloud servers can be run on a hypervisor, which works to control the capacity of operating systems so it’s distributed where needed. There is also several cloud servers available to each website so if there is a peak in traffic, for instance, the cloud server will temporary access more capacity, until it’s no longer required.The biggest benefits with using a cloud server is the flexibility & scalability, cost-effectiveness, easiness to set up and last but not least – their reliability.