Search engine optimization

We can help you rank higher in Google’s organic search result, and by doing so, drive more traffic to your website.

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 Why SEO?

When 3.5 billion searches are made every day on Google, optimizing your website for searches is critical if you want to get noticed online. Our SEO packages will make sure your company is found.

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All our SEO-services include:

Keyword analysis & Strategy

We provide a branch specific keyword analysis and a strategy for how you can reach potential customers. This includes a strategy for reaching your chosen target group.

Recommended measures

After the analysis we will provide you with the recommended measures needed to achieve wanted results. The measures are company specific and are based on the keyword analysis and strategy.

Link analysis

We will analyze links both from, on and to the website and advise you on how to improve these. Google still looks at links as “recommendations” of your website and it’s becoming increasingly important to work actively with this.

Web strategy for better visibility

CloudRepublic will create a strategy for your company that creates a setup for how you should work with your visibility online. This will also be the foundation for how we work with your site.

On-Page optimization

Trough On-Page optimization we work with factors on the website like titles, meta-descriptions, pictures, texts and content in general. We will help you with all necessary changes.

Goals & Reports

We will provide you with reports based on the goals that we have set up together. The reports will provide you with necessary data to get an overview of the progress of our work.

Personal contact

You will get a personal contact that is connected to your account. Your contact person can answer all your questions and will be in charge of your account.

Off-page optimization

One of the aspects of SEO is links to your website. Every link works as a “recommendation” in Googles algorithms and it’s important that this work is qualitative.

Continuous updates

We will make sure that your website stays up to date with Google’s algorithm changes. We will also update and improve our work on your website, as well as working with the latest methods within SEO.


We offer three different packages. We recommend the basic package for smaller companies while our business and pro packages are more suitable for medium to large size companies.

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Services Basic Business Pro
Keyword Analysis & Strategy 10 Keywords 25 Keywords 40 Keywords
Recomended measures Limited pages Limited pages Whole site
Link analysis
Web strategy for better visibility
On page optimization For 10 Keywords For 25 Keywords For 40 Keywords
Report & Goal reporting Basic Medium Advanced
Personal contact
OffPage Optimization
Continuous updates
Monitoring of 3 competitors

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Other services



In Sweden, more than 40 million searches are made on Google each day.

AdWords can be a very effective way to get a lot of traffic fast and reach people with ads when they are actively looking for a product like yours.

We can help you get started with digital marketing through AdWords and optimize them for the best possible result.

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Social Media

Regardless if you want to promote your product, service or brand this is a service for you. We can help you choose the right social channels for your brand and help you reach new target groups.

Social media is where your customers are every day, and it opens up a whole new way of targeted advertising.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Every online-business has goals and conversion rate optimization is about helping you reach those goals.  To do this we will both optimize your website and create effective ads, based on data and effective conversion models.

Make sure your customers not only find you, but does what you want them to do once they are on you platform.

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