The Cancer Rehabilitation Fund takes help from CloudRepublic to become Sweden’s most digital fundraising organization



The Cancer Rehabilitation Fund has engaged digitization expert CloudRepublic in its efforts to become the best digital collection organization in Sweden. CloudRepublic shines a light on how well the donation process functions from marketing to the payment solution, with the help of their digitization index.

One in three Swedes receives a cancer diagnosis at some point during their lives. Swedish healthcare is one of the best in the world. This, together with advances in cancer research globally means that more and more people survive cancer. But the time after cancer can be stressful both physically and mentally. For many, the way back is difficult, and medical services lack the resources to rehabilitate everyone. This is where The Cancer Rehabilitation Fund comes in.To be able to streamline their operations, the Cancer Rehab Fund needs to, in some cases, simplify their communication channels.Fortunately, our digitized society is accelerating in a fast paste, and this is something the Cancer Rehabilitation Fund is choosing to utilize. Since the Cancer Rehabilitation Fund does not receive any means from the state, the organization relies on support, both financially and in terms of knowledge and expertise, from individuals and companies.”We are in the process of reviewing our digital strategy to better serve customers and become the best digital fundraising organization in Sweden. In this work, CloudRepublics Digitization index has been a very valuable tool for understanding where we stand today and what areas we need to implement measures in order to get the maximum effect, “says Eva Hansen, secretary general of the Cancer Rehabilitation Fund.

“For us at CloudRepublic it feels good to be able to contribute to a greater social benefit with our digitization tool. Each year, the number of people who gets cancer increases in Sweden, and more and more make it through the tough treatments, thanks to amazing research and healthcare. We are very proud that we received the chance to help the Cancer Rehabilitation Fund in their important work.” Alexander Kehrer, CEO of CloudRepublic.

Info about the Cancer Rehabilitation Fund:

The Cancer Rehabilitation Fund is a fundraising organization that provides rehabilitation and support to children and adults with cancer. The organization is completely independent from other cancer organizations, and they fund their activities through donations from individuals, companies and foundations. The Cancer Rehabilitation Fund has a 90-account and is reviewed annually by the Swedish Fundraising

Info about CloudRepublic:

CloudRepublic has developed a platform and an algorithm that collects a large amount of parameters from various external digital sources and provides a index number of a company’s digital maturity. The goal is to make digitization something that is fun and interesting, rather than a necessary evil.