Lars bergqvist

Lars Bergkvist buys 10,000 shares in CloudRepublic



Lars Bergkvist buys 10,000 shares in the Swedish tech company CloudRepublic. He is a deputy board member of CloudRepublic and, among other things, a board member of Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB.

CloudRepublic measures the level of digitalization in companies and organizations. It is done through a Big Data platform that collects large amounts of data from the internet and other external sources. The collected information is summarized in a Digitalization Index that measures a company’s digital competitiveness.

For more information, please contact:

Alexander Kehrer, CEO CloudRepublic, tel +46 708 25 69 64,

About CloudRepublic

CloudRepublic helps companies realize their digital potential through data-driven analysis. CloudRepublics DigitizationIndex™ summarizes a company’s digital competitiveness and sets a mathematical measure of the company’s digital maturity. The company’s transformation services review and optimize a company’s processes and business model.

CloudRepublic AB (publ) is listed on the NGM Nordic MTF. For more information, see