privet placement oversubscribed

CLOUDREPUBLICS oversubscribed private placement



September 1 2016 ended the subscription period for CLOUD REPUBLIC AB’s private placement. It was oversubscribed with a subscription rate of over 162%, including the subscription bills received after the issuance of contract notes.

CEO Alexander Kehrer:


“I am very pleased with the interest we have received for the company, both from investors and customers, and see it as a clear signal that there is a broad interest in our business.

The purpose of this private placement was to broaden ownership before the proliferation issue in connection with our listing, probably in Q1 2017.

I am very pleased with the new ownership, and would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new shareholders to CLOUDREPUBLIC AB.”


The Board has decided on a proportional allotment among those who have invested in the company at this stage.

The company has 43 shareholders, 38 of which are new in relation to this private placement.