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CloudRepublic AB (publ) approved for listing on NGM Nordic MTF with first trading day, May 12th 2017



Press Release May 9th, 2017
On the fifth of may 2017 Nordic Growth Market approved CloudRepublic AB for listing on NGM Nordic MTF. The first trading day is scheduled for May 12th, 2017 and the short code will be CLDR MTF.CEO Alexander Kehrer comments:

“We are very proud and pleased that we have now been approved for listing on NGM Nordic MTF. It provides a quality stamp to CloudRepublic and will contribute significantly to our offensive acquisition strategy, our continued development of the digitization platform, and a strengthening of the marketing and sales organizations, which will accelerate growth over the next few years. We are also really satisfied with the receipt from our customers on our Digitalization Index. We see an increased interest and demand for our products and services, ranging from small companies, with up to around one million in turnover, to companies at billions. It gives us a confirmation that our products and services are all right in time, as more and more companies realize that they need to be more digital, to keep up with their industry.”

The company announced on March 22, that the listing IPO was subscribed to 180%.

Through the IPO, the company was granted SEK 19,980,000, including the over-allotment decided by the Board of Directors (issue amount of SEK 14,985,000 and overdraft of SEK 4,995,000).

For further information, please contact:

Alexander Kehrer, CEO, Phone +46 70 825 69 64, E-mail:


Ari Liukko, Chairman of the Board, Phone +46 733 15 15 15, E-mail:

About CloudRepublic AB (publ): CloudRepublic helps companies realize their digital potential. CloudRepublic’s digitization index summarizes a company’s digital status and sets a mathematical measure of the Company’s digital maturity. The company’s transformation toolbox reviews and optimizes a company’s processes and business model, and finally, CloudRepublic provides the world’s largest directory of cloud services for specific digital transformation.

CloudRepublic AB (publ) is listed on NGM Nordic MTF. For more information go to

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