CloudRepublic, the technology company that helps companies realize their digital potential through data-driven analysis, has today signed an agreement to acquire Anegy Online Marketing AB, who are experts in digital marketing. Anegy is a profitable and fast-growing company that had a turnover of 14 MSEK in 2017 with over 10% in profit margin.

The purchase price amounts to SEK 7,016,000 and is paid from CloudRepublic’s cash register. An additional purchase price can expire after 2018 and another after 2019, which depends on Anegy’s turnover and EBIT result. The additional purchase price is paid either in cash or in CloudRepublic shares according to CloudRepublic’s preference.

The deal has been accepted by 93% of Anegy’s owners and is conditional upon the Annual General Meeting of Anegy, approving the acquisition. Access is expected to take place on January 1, 2018.

Anegy’s customer list includes IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, Assa-Abloy, Electrolux and Telia.

Anegy’s offerings; Digital Kickstart, Digital Onboarding, Inhouse Performance Agency, Inhouse Digital Bureau, Digital Reinforcement and Digital Substitutes are in line with CloudRepublics.

Anegy’s CEO Simon Milton continues as CEO of the company.

Anegy’s founder, Rufus Lidman, will be included as an adjunct member of the Board of Directors of CloudRepublic. Rufus Lidman has a long experience in digital marketing and is one of the country’s premier digital strategiests. He has a background as a researcher in change processes and has practical experience both as a serial contractor within online services and as a strategic consultant in digital marketing.

Chairman of the Board Ari Liukko regarding the acquisition:

“Through the acquisition of Anegy, CloudRepublic has quickly shown that our acquisition strategy is successful and that CloudRepublic continues its growth curve. The synergies between CloudRepublic’s platform and Anegy’s expertise and customer base are considered to be significant. “

For more information, please contact:

Ari Liukko, Chairman of the board, Phone +46 733 15 15 15,

E-mail: ari@cloudrepublic.com

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