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Latest from the blog

winning at social media post

Winning at social media

21 August

Social media is now too big for any business to ignore.  For instance, in March this year, there were over 1.94 billion active users on Facebook, with more than 50 million firms using the platform’s Business Pages. Nearly 470 million …

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communicate better with your customers

How going digital will help you communicate better with customers

24 April

Effective communication is such an essential component of customer service that its importance can’t be overstated. Any company that doesn’t connect with its customers effectively is bound to suffer.

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What does digital transformation actually mean for you?

12 April

There’s much talk of digital transformation, but what does that actually mean? Is it even relevant to you and your business?

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Latest news

cloudrepublic news

CloudRepublic AB (publ) IPO oversubscribed with 180 %

24 March

March 17, 2017 ended the subscription period for CloudRepublic AB’s IPO of shares, prior to listing on NGM Nordic, MTF. The issue amount totaled 14.985 million SEK.

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cloudrepublic news

CloudRepublic AB (publ) genomför en nyemission inför noteringen på NGM Nordic MTF

27 February

CloudRepublic AB (publ), ett techbolag som hjälper företag att realisera sin digitala potential , meddelar idag att styrelsen, med stöd av bemyndigande från den extra bolagsstämman den 5 september 2016, beslutat om att genomföra en nyemission av 555 000 aktier, vilket vid fullteckning kommer att tillföra bolaget 14 985 000 SEK före emissionskostnader.

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Looking for a full-stack Java developer to join our team

16 November

CLOUDREPUBLIC is looking for a sharp full-stack developer to join our team!

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Latest pressreleases

NGM live

CloudRepublic AB (publ) deltar på NGM Live den 16 maj klockan 11.40

9 May

Den 16 maj kommer CloudRepublic att delta på NGM Live. Bolagets VD, Alexander Kehrer, kommer att presentera kl. 11.40. NGM live anordnas av NGM i samarbete med Laika Consulting och äger rum i nyhetsbyrån Direkts lokaler i Stockholm.

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NGM nyhet cloudrepublic

CloudRepublic AB (publ) approved for listing on NGM Nordic MTF with first trading day, May 12th 2017

9 May

Nordic Growth Market has approved CloudRepublic AB for listing on NGM Nordic MTF. The first trading day is scheduled for May 12, 2017 and the short code will be CLDR MTF.

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The Cancer Rehabilitation Fund takes help from CloudRepublic to become Sweden’s most digital fundraising organization

29 March

The Cancer Rehabilitation Fund has engaged digitization expert CloudRepublic in its efforts to become the best digital collection organization in Sweden. CloudRepublic shines a light on how well the donation process functions from marketing to the payment solution, with the help of their digitization index.

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