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Press release September 1, 2016



The new tech company CloudRepublic helps companies realize their digital potential.

The new Swedish tech company CloudRepublic announced their new services today, to help companies and organizations maximize their digital potential. CloudRepublic has developed a digitalization index, which is the first of its kind. It gives companies a measurable value on their digital maturity, and with the help of a concrete toolbox for digital transformation, and the world’s largest digital directory for cloud services, they can tackle the challenges that digitization brings.

– The process of extreme transformation that our society is facing affects the world, nations, organizations, companies and individuals significantly more than any previous industrial revolutions. This means that a low degree of digitalization will undoubtedly cripple a company’s competitiveness. Many business leaders do not know how to tackle this today. We saw an opportunity to help all kinds of organizations to increase their competitiveness through our new digitalization services, says Alexander Kehrer, CEO and co-founder of CloudRepublic.

Alexander Kehrer comes from a position as sales manager at Telenor, and has extensive experience in the IT and telecom industry including Ericsson, 3 and TDC. CloudRepublics other founder is IT entrepreneur Ari Liukko and mathematician Peter Peldan.

CloudRepublic offers three services to facilitate digitization:

  • A digitization index measuring a company’s digital maturity, and connects it to their financial data, using a unique algorithm.
  • A concrete toolbox that facilitates the company’s digital transformation, based on their index and self developed methods.
  • A global directory for cloud services, for those who wants to find, compare and buy cloud services as part of their digitization. The site is like a for cloud services.

For more information, contact:

Alexander Kehrer, CEO CloudRepublic AB
Phone: 0708 25 69 64

About CloudRepublic:

CloudRepublic is a Swedish tech company that helps companies and organizations to realize their digital potential. Three specific services facilitate digitization: a digitizing index, a toolbox for digital transformation and a directory of cloud services. Customers are private and public organizations of all sizes, in Sweden and globally. Read more on our website

With digitalization CloudRepublic refers to the process of extreme transformation that our society is facing today, and that affects the world, nations, organizations, companies and individuals significantly more than any previous industrial revolution. A conversion by which digital technologies and abilities changes the whole, or substantial parts, of a company or organizations offering and business model. The transformation may occur in stages, but can also be radical and disruptive. Parts included in the digitalization process is for instance:

  • Internet for everyone and everything with the help of 4g/5g and IoT
  • Increased computing power of quantum computers
  • Cloud services
  • Communication via social media
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Secure (PKI, Block Chain) digital value chains by PKI and Block Chain

About the services CloudRepublic offers:

  1. Digitalization index.

The Digitalization index summarizes how far a company has gotten in its digitalization process.
The digital maturity is measured on the basis of more than 50 parameters and is compared using a unique big data algorithm, with correlations to corporate financial data. The result is a quick analysis of the digitalization aspects that affects the company’s financial success and serve as an easy-to-use benchmark. Through the construction of the index, a database is creates from which comparisons can be made, for instance between companies in the same industry.

  1. Toolbox for digital transformation.

CloudRepublics transformation toolbox looks at the customers’ business models and processes based on their digitalization maturity and potential. The method is based on the statistics compiled about the company, and the industry, through the digitalization index. Based on an analysis CloudRepublic offers advice, a concrete action plan, implementation of this and continuous monitoring, using the unique big data algorithm.

  1. Directory for cloud services.

In order to provide further guidance in the companies’ digitalization process, CloudRepublic offers the world’s largest digital directory of cloud services. The directory is accessed from where businesses can find and compare cloud providers and services for free, as well as submit their own reviews. In the next step, the site will also offer mediation of cloud services.