Looking for a full-stack Java developer to join our team



CLOUDREPUBLIC is looking for a sharp full-stack developer to join our team! full stack

We are looking for someone who, like us, is passionate about digitalization, innovation and helping companies become more digital. Digitalization is something that affects all of us and, most importantly, all companies. It’s often described as something hard and tedious – but necessary, and many business leaders doesn’t know how to handle this. We want to make this digital transformation fun and energising for companies. We want to prove that this is not a necessary evil, but something that can inspire growth and development for both individuals as well as companies. 

IPO is to the planned in Q1 so now is the last chance to get in before then. 

We need someone who has at least 3 years experience as a full-stack developer, and the main environment will be Java. You need to be flexible, driven and have an open-mind. Right now, we need a Swedish speaking developer, so Swedish is a demand. 

Bonus if you have experience with:
· GUI programming with graphs and charts
· Big Data
· AI
· Distributed environments
· Google APIs

We hope to find someone who wants to join us and create this exciting journey with us! 

Apply to info@cloudrepublic.com