Cloud services are already transforming the economy and look set to continue doing so.

Net security and cloud-based services

Because of the many benefits of cloud services for business, more and more software companies are seeing it as the future, and either downgrading or phasing out their existing on-premise versions. For example, in some countries, Microsoft has made its desktop software nearly 50% more costly to use than its cloud version. That may make it increasingly difficult for any organization, small or large, to avoid using cloud-based services in the future.

The cloud is the future

However, moving over to the cloud can feel uncomfortable if you are used to having all your data and applications on-site.

Yet, while storing business critical material on-site may seem like a more secure option, in reality it often isn’t. That’s because it is actually very difficult for a smaller businesses to continually invest the time and effort that’s actually needed to keep data secure.

In reality, security protocols for cloud-based services are extremely high – they have to be, when your whole model is based on storing other peoples’ data.

Of course, every company has to balance the benefits of using cloud-services against any potential risk, but for many it is the way to go – it’s expected that most larger organizations will have a cloud first policy in place by 2020.

What’s your Digital Index?

Given that it is likely that ‘cloud’ will become the default position in preference to ‘on premise’, an increasing numbers of companies are using cloud-based services to turn themselves into more efficient and successful ‘digital businesses’.

If you want to do the same, a good way to start is to calculate your Digital Index. This is a great way to evaluate what you should do next to digitalize your business.