marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Many companies spend money and time unnecessarily on acquiring new customers, when the whole process could be made much simpler and more efficient by using marketing automation.

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Marketing Automation

By automating marketing processes using software, you can streamline or eliminate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as sending and responding to emails, or posting to social media. This will not only improve levels of customer service, but also lead to more sales and increased profits.

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Our marketing automation services include:

Goals & KPIs

Establishing KPIs that reflect your online digital marketing goals makes marketing automation much more effective.

Email Marketing

While email marketing is the most effective way to turn prospects into customers, it can also be used to communicate with or make special offers to target groups.


Using newsletters as part of your marketing automation process not only helps build brand awareness, but is also a way to ensure your existing customers don’t forget you.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring makes your sales process more effective by prioritizing those opportunities that are most likely to convert into purchases.

Lead Nurturing

A marketing automation system makes it much simpler to focus your sales efforts on those most interested in buying your products or services.

Site Tracking

Site tracking reveals what visitors to your site are most interested in. You can then use these important insights to revise your sales process so it becomes increasingly refined and effective.

Account Management

To ensure you receive the best possible service from us, we will assign a personal account manager to you. They are your first point of contact and will be able to answer any of your questions.

Progress Reports

So you can review progress towards your digital goals we will provide you with regular detailed reports about all our activity.

Follow-Up Consultation

After each completed project, there is a one-month consultation period during which you can follow up on previous activity, or start planning your next campaign or digital project with us.

Marketing automation

We offer three different marketing automation packages. Basic is designed for smaller companies, while our Business and Pro packages are more suited to medium or larger companies.

Services Basic Business Pro
Goals & KPIs
Email Marketing
Newsletter Once a month Every other week Every week
Lead Scoring Basic Advanced Advanced
Lead Nurturing
Site Tracking
Account management

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Other services

Search Engine Optimization

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. But with over 40 billion searches made on it every day, if you want to be found by prospective customers, you need to rank as highly as possible.

Our SEO services will make sure that your website is properly optimized for organic searches.

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With 40 million Google searches made in Sweden every day, using Google AdWords is a highly effective way to quickly drive traffic to your site by marketing your business directly to those who are actively searching for a product or service like yours.

We can help you get started with digital marketing through AdWords and optimize them for the best possible result.

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Social Media

Whether you want to raise your brand profile or sell more products, our social media advertising service will help you choose the right social channels so you reach new target markets in the best way.

Start advertising on social media today!


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