marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Many companies spend a large part of their budget and working hours to acquire new customers. Fortunately, this process can be made simpler and more efficient.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is about using software to improve your sales and marketing processes. It can help you increase conversion, streamline email marketing, automate parts of the sales process and more.

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All services include:

Goals and KPI:s

To ensure results we will set up KPI:s based on your goals. These KPI:s will be central to how we will set up your marketing automation.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be an effective way to convert interested visitors to customers but it can also help retain your current customers with special offers.


Newsletters can keep your business top of mind as well as being a platform to further your brand. It can also be connected to your sales process trough marketing automation.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring helps with making your sales process more effective by indicating which leads are more likely to lead to purchases.

Lead nurturing

A marketing automation system makes sure that your leads remain interested in your business and that your products or services stay top of mind.

Site tracking

Site tracking can show you what pages and products that specific leads have looked at, providing you important insights that can help with your sales process.

Personal contact

You will get a personal contact person that is connected to your account. Your contact person can answer all your questions and will be the person in charge of your account.


We will provide you with reports based on the goals and KPI:s that we have set up. The report will provide you with necessary data to get an overview of the progress that is being made.


We are available for questions and evaluation up to one month after our contract has expired. We are happy to discuss gained insights and future projects.

Marketing automation-SERVICES

We offer three different packages. We recommend the basic package for smaller companies while our business and pro packages are more suitable for medium to large size companies.

Services Basic Business Pro
Goals & KPI:s
Nyhetsbrev Once a month Every other week Every week
Lead scoring Basic Advanced Advanced
Lead nurtering
Site tracking
Personlig kontakt

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Other services

Search Engine Optimization

To be visible and to keep new and existing customers you have to work actively with search engine optimization.
Google is the biggest search engine today with over 40 billion searches each day.

Our SEO packages will help your company towards a more visible and profitable digital status.

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In Sweden, more than 40 million searches are made on Google each day.

AdWords can be a very effective way to get a lot of traffic fast and reach people with ads when they are actively looking for a product like yours.

We can help you get started with digital marketing through AdWords and optimize them for the best possible result.

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Social Media

Regardless if you want to promote your product, service or brand this is a service for you. We can help you choose the right social channels for your brand and help you reach new target groups.

Social media is where your customers are every day, and it opens up a whole new way of targeted advertising.

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