communicate better with your customers

How going digital will help you communicate better with customers



Effective communication is such an essential component of customer service that its importance can’t be overstated. Any company that doesn’t connect with its customers effectively is bound to suffer.
If you aren’t seen as sufficiently responsive, or provide accurate information in the way that’s expected, you will lose sales. And since 60% of customers change their contact channel depending on where they are and what they are doing at the time, you have to make sure that you can communicate with them effectively in a range of ways.Despite the predictions of many, email is still very much the foundation of business communication, and when 41% of consumers expect an e-mail response within six hours, it’s something you have to get right, if you want to build customer trust and satisfaction that will translate into sales. And one of the keys to using email effectively is automation.For instance, if you can link auto-responders seamlessly with back office systems, you can really start to deliver the service levels that are increasingly expected. Introduce effective CRM software into the mix, and your emails can even include personalized products and recommendations, something that 80% of consumers appreciate. Again, a major plus point for your business.With a CRM system in place you will have in-depth, real time information at your fingertips the next time you need to interact with a customer – all part of providing the impressive service that customers now expect as a matter of course.

Then there’s social media, which is now so essential for building relationships that you have to make it a central component of your communication mix. Not only is social media a great tool for generating B2C sales – which is why ad spend across platforms is on the up – but it has an equally important role to play in terms of customer service.

By making it your main customer service portal, you not only provide the immediacy of response that customers want, but you also demonstrate publicly that you are a caring, customer-centric company that isn’t just interested in sales.

Despite the importance of social media platforms like Facebook, Whats App, Tumbler, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, many customers still prefer to pick up the phone and speak to someone compared with using any other communication channel – the phone still handles around 68% of all contact center communications. That’s why having an effective PBX system that uses cloud-based technology will enable you to manage both internal and external calls more effectively.

Online meeting technology, though not necessarily a first-choice channel for communicating with customers, is another great facilitator when it comes to bringing people together and enabling remote workers to work effectively as a team – fast becoming something of an essential.

You can identify which areas of digital communication you should prioritize by calculating your Digitalization Index. That will give you a good idea of how to make your business more effective through better communication. However, if you would like a more detailed analysis of what’s possible, just call one of our team members for an initial discussion.