Five signs you need to digitalize your business now



Every business needs to think digital. Fail to do so and you risk remaining stuck in old ways of working that are no longer effective in our increasingly digital economy. However, it can be hard to make the transition. If things seem to be running OK, it’s easy to be a little complacent and to continue doing what you have always done – for longer than you should. So here are five questions you may want to ask yourself about the digitalization of your business.

One. How well do you tailor your goods or services to meet your customers’ needs? Consumers increasingly expect what they buy to be personalized to them. That’s going to be more and more the case with the development of the semantic web— Web 3.0 — which will make internet searches much more accurate, giving people pages that are exactly geared to their behaviors, preferences, likes and dislikes. This will lead to the creation of new business models.

Many marketers see this kind of individualization as the future of marketing. Already a large majority of consumers say that personalization influences their buying decisions. So the more you can deliver a relevant message, the more willing customers will be to buy from you. Cookie-cutter communication that uses off-the-shelf responses no longer works.

Two. Do you have a strategy for ‘mobile’? If not, you are missing a trick. This year mobile search is expected to generate nearly 28 billion enquiries more than searches made from desktop computers. And with the Internet of Everything (IoE) and wearable devices set to play a very big part in our lives, the disparity is likely to become even greater.

Three. Are you offering enough self-service opportunities so consumers can solve product and service issues themselves?  This is something half of them want and nearly three-quarters expect when they go to a company’s website.

Four. Have you made collecting, tracking and using data a central part of your business? If you are to respond to the changing needs of your market and individual customers, you need data that shows you what is happening with both of these, in real time. As the world shifts to IoE-enabled devices, expectations will grow alongside, as more data will mean more opportunities to engage with and please the customer.

Five. Are you watching what your competitors are doing? If they suddenly seem to be making gains, it could be that they have already started to digitalize, probably using cloud-based solutions. If they haven’t, there’s an opportunity for you to get ahead of them.

If you would like to find out more about your digital options, why not call one of our team? Or calculate your DigitalizationIndex to get an indication of the areas you should be prioritizing.