Five reasons businesses don’t go digital when they should



Though there’s much talk of the need for digital transformation, some Five reasons to digitalizecompanies are reluctant to take the first step. Sometimes there may be valid reasons for putting going digital on hold, but for many companies it is down to a number of miss-perceptions.

One. They think that because they aren’t an ‘online business’, they don’t need to. However, when digitalization is happening all around you, every enterprise now needs to think of itself as a digital business. So, even if you never sell anything directly, technology will still make your business more productive and help you create the personalized relationships your customers are looking for.

Two. They don’t think it’s the right time. If you’re not sure when the best moment is to digitalize, there’s an easy answer to that question – it’s right now! Stick with old ways of working and before long you will be overtaken by competitors who have already taken the ‘digital plunge’. Leave it too late and you end up with a quaint shrinking business that’s stuck in the past.

Three. You don’t know how to start the process. This can be a major obstacle, as the digital landscape can appear complex and daunting. However, with some clear guidance, it’s possible to prioritize your needs and take the first steps far more easily than you think.

Four. They believe that digitalization requires a lot of capital expenditure. When you continually hear of over-budget IT projects, it’s easy to think this is the case, but that’s misleading. The use of cloud services, for instance, has radically changed the way technology is used, making it much easier to scale technology up and down in a way that’s highly cost-effective.

Five. They think they won’t be able to get the digital skills they need. It’s certainly true that there is much competition for the digital talent available, but trying to recruit and retain in-house IT skills often isn’t the best option for many businesses.

When tech skills go out of date so fast, making the decision to employ full-time IT staff means having to keep training them or hiring new people with the necessary skills. Either option is expensive and time consuming. That’s why more and more companies are coming to us. We can provide the digital skills and talent they need flexibly and cost-effectively, when they want it, and without any embedded overheads.

To find out which digital skills you need first, just calculate your Digitalization Index. We can then help make sure that you are using technology in the best way possible to turn what you do into a truly digital business.