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Frequently asked questions

What does the Digitalization Index measure?

The Digitalization Index provides a ‘digital picture’ of your business from a customer’s perspective by measuring your performance against over 200 criteria in five main areas: Digital Marketing, Sales & Marketing Automation, Online Sales, User Experience and Communication.

What does the Digitalization Report include?

The index report includes information about the index and the five main areas, as well as comparing graphs for every subindex. Here you can chose which competitors you want to compare yourself with and see what you need to do to become more digital. The report also includes concrete recommendations for every subindex.

What will my index number tell me?

It gives you an objective measure of how far your business is along the road to digitalization in comparison with others in your industry. The higher your Index Number, the better your performance against your competitors and the greater your ‘digital maturity’.  Once you know your Index we can help you make the necessary improvements to become ever more digital as an organization.

Do I have to buy an Index Report to be able to use your range of digital transformation tools?

Absolutely not. Of course, having a Digitalization Index will give you the best possible insight into what you should be doing to become more digital as an organization. However, we can customize our transformation services to meet any particular business objective you may have in mind.