Experiment with cloud services

Experiment with the cloud



There are many reasons to migrate your IT to the cloud. Lower costs, improved productivity and better collaboration are just a few of the benefits.

However, given that the business environment is changing faster than ever, moving to the cloud is also being seen as a force for innovation.

With buyer behavior now evolving so rapidly, businesses need to continually ‘experiment’, searching for ways to be disruptive, break into new markets and industries, or create new revenue streams. That means constantly looking at new technologies, to discover which ones will enable them to become even more efficient and capable of delivering an even better customer experience.

Freedom from old-style IT thinking

However, until recently, introducing a different marketing, HR, project management, accounting or ecommerce system would almost certainly have meant a major strategic decision to procure and install new and expensive software and IT infrastructure. A prospect so overwhelming that for many companies it was preferable to stick with old technology, with its hidden maintenance costs and inefficiencies.

Now, the cloud has changed all that, providing access to a wealth of B2B and B2C business solutions, and thanks to the cloud’s monthly subscription model, with very little upfront cost.

In fact, the cloud is the perfect platform for experimentation, a place that gives you the ability to test new ideas at minimum risk or cost. And if you try something out and you don’t like the result, it’s easy enough to reverse out of the situation, or to scale up, if you find something that works.

What to do first?

Cloud-based technology means that managers can develop new business models that are much more agile when it comes to developing and delivering new products and services fast. However, given the many opportunities this creates, knowing where to start can seem like a big hurdle to overcome.

To help businesses focus their efforts and attention, we have created the Digitalization Index. Using over 200 parameters and competitor benchmarks, this process will enable you to understand your priorities and plan your migration to the cloud.

If you would like to know more, or how our services could help you ‘experiment’ with new cloud-based services, contact us here.