Everyone should be a digital entrepreneur

Everyone should be a digital entrepreneur



If you have already launched one successful business, setting up the next can be much easier.

But before you simply ‘rinse and repeat’ what you did in the past, it makes sense to re-evaluate how you could use technology to best advantage, particularly if you launched your previous company more than a few years ago.

That’s because technology is continually changing and, as an entrepreneur, you need to be mindful of its growing power.

If Jerry Gregoire, former Dell CIO, is right – and many think he is – when he says: “Customer experience is the next competitive battleground”, the only way to really meet people’s expectations for an ever-more-seamless, responsive and value-added service, is to use technology.

What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur?

That even if you are in a traditional sector, you need to start your new venture with a ‘digital mindset’ because, as Matt Brittin, who runs Google’s business operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has said: “In today’s world, every business is a digital business”.

Technology when you need it

Fortunately, even if in the past you have dismissed some tech options as too expensive, unviable or too ‘out there’, it doesn’t mean they still are. Cloud-based computing in particular has changed the business landscape over the last few years.

Thanks to the cloud subscription model, there’s no upfront investment in high-price hardware and software, nor is there a need for an in-house IT team. If things go wrong, cloud providers do what’s required as part of the service they provide.

All this has enabled more and more smaller businesses not just to compete, but to punch well above their weight.

Tools such as time tracking, online invoicing and remote desktop applications have transformed productivity. Tele-conferencing, VoIP and PBX have dissolved geographical boundaries and brought the world together. Highly targeted email marketing and auto-responders enable you to present the right message to the right people in the right way at the right time, instantly and without effort. Help desk apps and online appointment scheduling let you respond ever more efficiently to your customers’ needs. And this is just the very small tip of a technological iceberg that you, as an entrepreneur, should get really excited about.

Reinvent the way you do business

Technology, thoughtfully applied, allows you to reinvent how you do business. To make it more streamlined. To do things faster … or not at all. To be more responsive. To do things in a better way.

Of course, it’s not always easy to see how new technology can really leverage up your business idea.

Our core expertise is in helping companies, both new and established, find better ways to use technology to maximum advantage. That means we can introduce you to the new digital opportunities and tools that are available to you.

As part of that process, we have created our Digitalization Index. This will help you identify your technology start point, the areas where digitalization can have maximum impact soonest.