Digitalization index

Digitalization index

Our Digitalization Index measures your company’s digital maturity and our detailed report shows you where digitalization is needed.


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How digital is your company?

Our big data algorithm calculates your digitalization index and gives you an easy-to-compare number that shows you your current digital status. Our full Index report breaks down the index in subindexes which shows you what you need to do to become more digital.
So, how digital is your company?


The Digitalization Index is your first step towards digitalization. By looking at your presence online, social media, visibility on Google, digital communication and more than 200 other parameters, our unique AI based algorithm will measure your business’s digitalization index. This gives you an easy-to-compare number that shows your current digital maturity.

Based on your index we offer an index report that will give you insights about your current digital status, and where digital transformation is needed.

The index covers 5 main areas, which you can read about to the right. Together they provide your digital status from an outside-in perspective.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing

This subindex includes parameters such as SEO, SEM, social media advertising and other forms of digital marketing.

Online Sales

Online Sales is becoming more and more important today, no matter what business you are in. This subindex looks at your ability to offer your products or services digitally.

marketing automation

Sales & Marketing Automation

There are many ways of capturing and maintaining customers. This subindex looks at how well you utilize these opportunities.

User Experience

In User Experience, we look at your website as a whole, how it performs in terms of loading time and other parameters that contribute to the digital user experience.



Communication looks at how easy it is to communicate with your company through digital channels. These include social media as well as elements on your website.


  • The Digitization Indexet was a valuable tool for gaining an overview of our digital maturity, how we stand against our closest competitors and what areas we need to look closer at when we continue our digital journey.


  • Fantastic report! It is extremely detailed and gave us a lot of great insights.


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Want more information about the index?

Contact me directly, my name is Peter and I’m head of sales here at CloudRepublic.Peter försaljningschef

Phone: +46 (0)76 892 65 45

Other services

DMP digital master package

Digital Master

Our Digital Master Package focuses on combining the services you need most, and that will benefit your company best, and creates a digital master package.

This is a highly customizable service that can be adapted according to your needs.

This can be based on your index level, or on what you know your company needs.

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Web develoment


A website is the most important channel for communication with your customers today, and its the company forefront.

To have a well optimized website that looks good and trustworthy is increasingly important for both company and customers.

We can help you develop a new, modern website, that best showcases your company.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Every online-business has goals and conversion rate optimization is about helping you reach those goals.  To do this we will both optimize your website and create effective ads, based on data and effective conversion models.

Make sure your customers not only find you, but does what you want them to do once they are on you platform.

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