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symboler indexetOur Digitalization Index consists of over 200 objective parameters that are automatically collected and divided into 5 main areas, which we call sub-indexes. The result you see here is one of these five, and measures parameters in SEO, SEM, Social Media, Parameters on your website and much more, within Digital Marketing.

Average for Swedish AB companies*:



How do we measure your Digitalization level?

The index gives you an analysis of your current digital customer communication that easily can be compared to your competitors or industry in general. It can also serve as a basis for investment decisions that optimizes ROI.

The index requires no resources from you, our algorithm does the work!

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* Based on all Swedish companies with annual sales exceeding 50 million SEK.


The Digitalization Index is your first step towards digitalization. By looking at your presence online, on social media, visibility on Google, digital communication and more than 200 parameters, our unique AI based algorithm will measure your business’s digitalization index and give you an easy-to-compare number that shows your current digital maturity.

Based on your index we offer an index report that will give you insights about your current digital status, and where digital transformation is needed.

The index covers 5 main areas, which you can read about to the right. Together they provide your digital status from an outside-in perspective.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

How effectively are you using SEO, SEM, social media advertising and other forms of digital marketing?

online sales

Online Sales

How could you be selling more products and services online? When every type of business needs to sell effectively over the internet, you can’t afford to miss any opportunities.

Sales and marketing automation

Sales & Marketing Automation

How can you make better use of sales and marketing automation to capture new customers and keep them long-term?

user experience

User Experience

How is your website performing as a whole? For instance, are slow loading times and other negative factors contributing to a less than optimal user experience?



How easy is it to communicate with your company through social media and other digital channels? Poor communication will affect your online success.

Clients & Partners

  • The Digitization Index was invaluable in giving us an overview of our digital maturity. It showed us how we compared with our closest competitors and what areas we need to look at more closely as we continue our digital journey.


  • Fantastic report! It is extremely detailed and gave us a lot of great insights.


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Want more information about the index?

If you want to know more about how our Digitalization Index can help your company become a better digital business, then contact me directly. My name is 

alexander kehrer

Alexander and I’m head of sales here at CloudRepublic.

Phone: +46 (0)70 825 69 64

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