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Customer Insights Testing

Customer Insight Testing is a new, innovative technique developed by us to assess how a target group will react to a change in a specific product or campaign parameter, such as price, value proposition or design.

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Customer Insights Testing is particularly effective at assessing how individuals will naturally react to change in a digital environment without outside influences.

From just a few people, we can expand to thousands at no additional cost and without compromising the nature and integrity of the group itself. This means you can achieve sufficient test volume to reach statistically significant results.

Our Customer Insights Testing includes:

Goal, Target Group & KPI selection

After agreeing the purpose of the test and selecting a target group, we can then establish a set of KPIs that will enable you to monitor progress towards your goals.

Test Plan

We will create a test plan that brings together your overall strategy, with different channels and user experience.


Using our range of analytical tools, we can do tests using our domains or one of yours.


Through advertising on social media or with Google, we can drive traffic from specific target groups to your website, continually optimizing the ads during each campaign so as to achieve maximum ROI.


Heatmaps reveal hidden insights into how visitors to your website use it. By understanding how they scroll and where they click we can then continually refine the user experience, something that is so crucial for the success of any digitally-focused organization.

A/B Testing

By testing different versions of an ad or web page, we can find out which performs better. This enables us to continually refine copy, content and design so your digital marketing is always as effective as possible.

Account Management

To ensure you receive the best possible service, we will assign a personal account manager to you. They are your first point of contact and will be able to answer any of your questions.

Progress Reports

We will provide you with regular detailed reports on all our Customer Insights Testing activity so you can review progress towards your digital goals.

Follow-up Consultation

After each completed project, there is a one-month consultation period during which you can follow up on previous activity, or start planning your next campaign or digital project with us.

Our Customer Insights Testing Services

We offer three different Customer Insights Testing packages. These are based on traffic volumes and the number of tests.  Contact us for more information.

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Test scope 1 week and 1000 participants 2 weeks and 2000 participants Completely customized package
Goal, Target Group & KPI selection
Test Plan
Test Traffic
A/B Testing
Account Management

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