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Patrik Lindkvist is the advertising CEO and new author, who is about to release his book Magic Communication: About Uncomfortable Ideas and the Art of Creating Effect.

We met Patrik for a conversation about the media noise, ROI hunting, how to design communication that goes from being mediocre to being magical, and what makes us remember some messages but not others.

Three perspectives on communication

The book addresses three perspectives that are important for all communication.

  • The result: what effect do you want to achieve?
  • Target audience: How does the people you want to reach think, analyze and feel? How do they react and act in different situations?
  • The creative: What do you say and how do you say it, to get them to act and react so that you achieve the result.

“These are the three perspectives that I see are the most important ones to find the right thing to say, and say it in a sufficiently interesting way for people to take it in.”

About the importance of standing out

If, like us, you’re working with digital marketing through data-driven analysis, almost everything that is done can be measured in numbers in some way. Everything can be measured, tracked and optimized, and this is where we start, talking about numbers.

In his book, Patrik points to research that shows that we are subjected to around 3000 different messages every day (a quick calculation thus gives over one million a year). Of these 3000 messages in one day, we will remember about 2. In other words, not a very high conversion rate.

“If you look at that perspective, you might understand the importance of making good advertising, that stands out, and that people actually remember.”

How do you look at the development of advertising or marketing in the digital area? Is there a lot of hunting for clicks, numbers and ROI?

“There are major drawbacks to staring blindly at measurable ROI values, too, to much focusing on how to get above someone in the search results that you forget how to make people get the message you want to get out.

There are research reports showing that if you only see short-term goals, you can see results immediately. But the results will not be permanent with sales or commitment levels going back as soon as the campaign is completed.

Instead, if you work a little more long term and brand building, the curve slows upwards, but it does not drop as much, which causes the effect of a staircase rather than sharp peaks.

But, I think it’s important to allocate your resources, so that you do both, not either or.”

Technology and creating value

Patrik quotes the advertising legend John Hegarty, who said, among other things, that “Technology creates opportunities, but it is the ideas that create value”.

He takes Spotify as an example of how technology along with an idea can create something truly outstanding.

“Spotify is a great technical platform, but it’s the idea that you can get all the music in the world on your phone that makes the technology worth something!”

We talk about the importance of marketing, the advertising industry’s development and the difference between how we look at marketing and advertising, today compared to 20-30 years ago.

He finds that creative advertising had its peak sometime in the 1990s, and from the beginning of the 21st century and until now technology has taken more and bigger space – at the expense of the creative part. But then adds that most things goes in cycles, and maybe we are heading for a change.

The book will be released October 10th and will be released by Roos & Tegner





Patrik Lindkvist – CEO and Creative Director of the advertising agency Magic Circle has written the book “Magic Communication: About Uncomfortable Ideas and the Art of Creating Effect”.