CLOUDREPUBLIC – Guide to digital

It’s time for the first beta-launch of our website CLOUDREPUBLIC.COM. August 2016 marks the official start for us at CLOUDREPUBLIC and we are excited and ready for this first step in becoming a global parter in digitalization.

We have been working for nearly two years now with our methods and patents. We want to build the company long-term, scalable, yet it is important to keep it close to the customer. Therefore, it’s very pleasing that we’ve received such a positive response from customers, partners and friends so far.


Digitalization of business models affects all businesses. Sometimes as a revolution, but usually in the form of a continuous evolution. Our goal is to help companies realize their digital potential through our digitalization services.

First we have our unique, one-of-a-kind, AI based algorithm, that is summarized in a digitalization index indicating the digitalization status and potential of your business.

Next we have our transformation toolbox, which is a toolbox based methodology with built in knowledge and inspiration for digital transformation.

Our Cloud directory is a search tool and an intermediary platform that lets you find, compare and buy cloud services.

With these digital services we support the whole digitization process of a company’s business model and help them increase their digitalization index.