Cloud services on digitalization

The cloud, using remote servers to store data and host services, is increasingly a major driving force in our digital economy. According to consultancy Gartner, using the cloud rather than on-premise solutions will be the default position for most larger organizations within the next three years.

Smaller businesses won’t be far behind.

Why will the cloud have such an impact? Because it makes it much easier to become a ‘digital business’.

For a start, you only pay for cloud-based services as you use them. That means you can ‘invest’ in the latest technology without major upfront costs. That’s great for smaller firms who want to protect cashflow and capital, but still have access to a wide range of software and services.

Cloud services make it easy to scale

And there’s no having to pay for technical expertise when using cloud-based services. That comes as part of the service, with the provider taking on the maintenance and updates for you.

With cloud-based services, it is also easy to scale up or down as you want, so that you always have access to just the right amount of IT.

Because data and apps are held on remote servers at a central location, information is always accessible and shareable in real time. That means your staff can look at customer information or work on business documents whether they’re on the road or working from home. That is transformational when you consider that a Gallup poll shows that 37% of US employees telecommute at least some of the time and up to 90% would be in interested in remote working on a regular basis.

Cloud services reshape business

Suddenly, this changes thinking about the space you need to do business. With studies showing that employees are at their desks only 50-60% of the time, the cloud is all set to reshape what ‘being in the office’ will mean in the future.

Not surprisingly, more and more smaller businesses, in many different sectors, are using cloud-based services as part of their growth strategy.

Of course, one of the challenges in moving to the cloud is knowing where to start. That’s why we’ve created our Digital Index, to give you an idea of which digital services you should adopt next for maximum business impact. Request your Digital Index.