Virtual PBX Hosting

What is Virtual PBX hosting?

Virtual (PBX) Private Branch Exchange technology enables even small companies to benefit from a sophisticated telephone system without a large upfront investment in equipment. Without it, companies would still be reliant on expensive onsite exchanges to manage their incoming and outgoing calls from multiple phones. Virtual PBX hosting does away with the need for such on-site hardware by using cloud computing technology.

What are the benefits?

Rather than having to have one phone line for each member of staff, a PBX allows a company, no matter how large, to have just one phone number. With the system in place, staff can effectively use the office telephone for their work, whether that’s from home, a hotel room, or through their own cell phone or any device that’s certified for use with the system. This means that anyone who is out of the office can stay connected.

How do you make a call?

Usually, all you need to do is log on to the system using a password or responding to a security question and then dialing the number you want. With such a system you should be able to transfer callers, put them on hold and set up conference calls. You can even have your phone answered by an automated attendant who then directs callers to specific departments.

What else can the system do?

A hosted PBX system will allow you to have virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located. That means you can create a virtual office anywhere in the world, giving the impression that you are locally based, even though you may be thousands of miles away.

Who operates the system?

Rather than a phone company, a virtual PBX is operated and maintained by a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider.

Do you have to get rid of your existing phone system first?

Not if you don’t want to. You can continue using your existing telephone system in conjunction with a Virtual PBX system, or you can replace it completely with Virtual PBX hosting.

What are the ongoing costs?

Like most cloud-based services, you pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

How easy is it to scale this system?

This also makes it much easier to upgrade the system to meet the changing needs of your business. While traditional phone systems can handle only so many users before you have to purchase more lines, with a virtual phone system like this it can expand and contract quickly and cost-effectively according to the changing needs of your business because it is so easy to add or subtract lines.

Do you have a digital strategy in place?

Virtual PBX hosting is just another way in which companies of all types and sizes can help make staff more productive by using cloud-based technologies. However, if you really want to maximize your efficiency, you have to have a more comprehensive digital strategy in place that brings technology to other parts of your business. This could include, for example, using cloud-based accounting packages, CRM, email marketing, marketing automation, and software such as Office 365.

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Virtual PBX – Glossary

Audio menu – provides callers with a series of options they can take on reaching number.

Auto-attendant – a feature that automatically answers any incoming calls, even if the line is busy, in which case it can greet the caller with a customized message and provide a menu of options they can take.

Find me/Follow me – the simultaneous ringing of someone’s mobile, desk phone or home number to find where they are.

Call Hunt Group – this is a PBX configuration whereby each extension in a group will be tried until a free one can be found. It is used a lot in sales and call centers.

Internet telephony – technology that allows telephone calls to be carried over the internet, like Skype.

Virtual phone system – a cloud-based hosted telephone system, but with fewer functions than a Virtual PBX.

Voice over IP (VoIP) – the technology that allows telephony to work over IP technologies such as the company LAN and the internet.