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We are proud sponsors of Stockholm Beach Handball Club

7 September

CloudRepublic are proud sponsors of Stockholm’s first beach handball club! The club was founded in December 2015 and actively works to develop and promote beach handball in Sweden. In June, the club played SC (Swedish Championships) in Helsingborg, where there was a record number of …

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winning at social media post

Winning at social media

21 August

Social media is now too big for any business to ignore.  For instance, in March this year, there were over 1.94 billion active users on Facebook, with more than 50 million firms using the platform’s Business Pages. Nearly 470 million …

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communicate better with your customers

How going digital will help you communicate better with customers

24 April

Effective communication is such an essential component of customer service that its importance can’t be overstated. Any company that doesn’t connect with its customers effectively is bound to suffer.

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What does digital transformation actually mean for you?

12 April

There’s much talk of digital transformation, but what does that actually mean? Is it even relevant to you and your business?

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Housewarming party

13 March

On Thursday we had our housewarming party in or new office at Karlavägen 64.

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6 trends for 2017

2 March

The speed of digital transformation is accelerating, disrupting markets like never before, whatever sector you are in.

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Knowledge digitalization

What skills do you need to digitalize your business?

16 January

Virtually every business would benefit from using more technology. Even if you don’t sell anything online, you can still improve processes, productivity and efficiency by going ‘digital’.

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Five signs you need to digitalize your business now

9 January

Every business needs to think digital. Fail to do so and you risk remaining stuck in old ways of working that are no longer effective in our increasingly digital economy.

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Five reasons businesses don’t go digital when they should

15 December

Though there’s much talk of the need for digital transformation, some companies are reluctant to take the first step. Sometimes there may be valid reasons for putting going digital on hold, but for many companies it is down to a number of misperceptions.

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Holiday shopping in a digital world

Holiday shopping in a digital world

7 December

With Black-Friday weekend and Cyber Monday in the books and Christmas around the corner it’s easy to bring up the subject of shopping habits.

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Sweden & the nordic countries in the bottom of digitalization

2 December

IDC released a report last week showing that Nordic companies have fallen behind in their digital transformation, and that Sweden is one of the countries in Europe who is working least actively with internal digitalization.

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Get the best project results possible

29 November

In the perfect project, every component would fit seamlessly together with every other, be completed on time and delivered without any waste. This of course can only happen if each element is completed in the perfect way, by the perfect person.

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How digital is affecting the way we consume news

17 November

In a digital world, the way we receive news is changing. While convenience increasingly draws people to consume news online, a sense of bias and inaccuracy is simultaneously pushing many away from mainstream media – 60% of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media.

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Why you need to think about remote working

14 November

Remote working as an idea has been around for a while, but now it’s gathering pace. So, while the number of US employee grew 1.9% from 2013 through to 2014, the telecommuting population rose 5.6%.

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The benefits of digitalization are clear to most, but many lack the competence to leverage them

9 November

Recently we conducted a survey among company leaders and decision makers in tech companies in and around Sweden. In this survey we asked them about their ideas on digitalization, how it is affecting their companies and how it is or is not implemented in their business.

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Appetizing apps – a mouthwatering opportunity

25 October

Few sectors have embraced them with greater relish than the fast food industry. Now, rather than queue at a restaurant, many of us choose the convenience of an app to order and pay for meal we can have delivered or can collect without waiting.

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Possum & Penguin 4.0: Google rolls out new updates

10 October

Everybody working with SEO has had a busy September. Google rolled out the new updates called Possum & Penguin 4.0, and discussions started again, now that the long suspected update of Penguin has arrived.

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How banks are minimizing their risks by putting their services in the cloud.

7 October

It is no secret that life today moves faster than ever before. The digitalization of the world around us has led us to be more impatient, open to change and flexible.

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Net security and cloud-based services

4 October

Cloud services are already transforming the economy and look set to continue doing so.

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Bitcoin – a currency adapted to a modern lifestyle

30 September

”I want this, this and that and I want it now.”
One could argue that this is very much the mindset of a modern human being.

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