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Our mission is to make digitalization fun and interesting,
not a nessesary evil.


With digitalization, we mean the process of extreme transformation our society is facing. With internet for all (4g/5g) and all things (IoT) in combination with the rapid development of increased computing power (Quantum computers), industrially produced IT services (cloud services), effective communication (social media), and artificial intelligence (AI), enables completely new, secure (PKI , Block Chain), digital value chains (Disruptive Innovation) this affects everything and everyone – nations, organizations, companies and individuals significantly more than any previous industrial revolution.

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Our vision is to become a known global innovator for digitalization, and to be the first source of guidance when it comes to digital transformation.



Becoming the given innovator in digitalization and the primary source of guidance in digital conversion.


CloudRepublic AB (publ)

Ari Liukko

CEO & Board Member

Ari’s solid experience of digital services and entrepreneurship has seen him take start-ups on to become listed companies. He has co-founded and led international IT firms, such as Tele5 in Sweden, Core Change in the US and Servage in Germany. He has a Master of Science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where he specialized in electronics and computing, with his thesis on artificial intelligence.


Alexander Kehrer

Head of sales

Alexander has extensive experience building organizations, driving business growth and leading high performance sales teams. He has held senior positions in the IT and telecoms sectors, most recently as sales director of the Corporate Division at Telenor, Sweden. He was CEO of TDC Hosting and previously with Ericsson, 3 and Framfab. Alexander has an MA in Science in Business and Economics from the International Economics program at the University of Uppsala.


Viveka Elfström


Viveka has served as chief financial officer in a number of listed companies and worked with global professional services company, KPMG. She founded and runs Consoldia, a successful accounting firm.


Peter Peldan


Peter’s expertise is in combining advanced mathematical models and complex software. He is the one responsible for developing our Big-Data solutions and, most particularly, our patent pending algorithm, Digitization Index. As an Associate Professor, Peter became an advanced software developer in 1997 having originally been a theoretical physicist at Penn State University. He has a PhD in theoretical physics and his work on mathematical models of black holes has been published in leading scientific publications.


Vanessa Folkesson

Digital transformation & Franchise

Vanessa has extensive experience in developing digital business models for clients in an international context, and is also a sought-after lecturer in the subject. Vanessa has worked as a strategic advisor and has held various positions at McKinsey & Co., Microsoft and Google among others. Vanessa has an MBA from Boston University and has a degree in Management from Harvard University.


Tomas Ward

Board Member

Tomas has been involved with a wide range of organizations, from start-ups to global firms. Using his extensive management and business experience he has created businesses of real value by bridging the gap between development and commercialization. His roles have included sales director, divisional manager and CEO with companies such as CSC, Cambridge, Banctech and Bioservo. With his proven record of commercial success, he is greatly sought after by companies and now sits on a number of boards. He has an MBA in Economics from Uppsala and Gothenburg University.


Rahul Malhotra

Advisory Board Member

Rahul is founder and CEO of Aress Software, an India-based provider of web, mobile and software development services with 500 employees and operations in the US and the UK. Rahul himself has over twenty years’ experience in the IT and manufacturing sectors, and has worked with cloud services and hosting providers around the world. Already a Master of Science in IT , he is currently working for a doctorate in Computer Science.

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