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In our fast changing society, digitalization is something that will effect everyone and every company. To keep up and keep existing customers, it is very important to adapt and become more digital.

Our big data algorithm calculates your Digitalization Index and gives you an easy-to-compare number that shows you your current digital status, and shows you how you can improve your current digital status.

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our transformation

Based on the Digitalization Index we offer a range of services that helps your company become more digital, raises your index level and in extension make you more profitable.

We can help you with digital marketing, conversion optimization, sales & marketing automation and much more, click on the services to read more.

We can customize all our service to fit your needs. 

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Search engine optimization

We can help you rank higher in Google’s organic search, and by doing so, drive more traffic to your website.

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sociala medier

Social media advertising

Social Media has become a part of everyones daily routine, and we can help you reach them with targeted advertising.

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marketing automation

Conversion Rate Optimization

We can help you increase your online sales, ROI and make your campaigns more effective.

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Digital Master Package

Digital Master Package

This service focuses on combining the services you need most, and that will benefit your company best, and creates a digital master package.

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digitalization workshop

Transformation Workshops

Our Transformation Workshops offers methods to identify digitalization opportunities of growth and excellence, and creates digitalization blueprints for your company.

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Digital services


We can help you through the whole digitalization process, and our transformation services can help you with specific areas of digitalization.
See all of our services.

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  • The Digitization Indexet was a valuable tool for gaining an overview of our digital maturity, how we stand against our closest competitors and what areas we need to look closer at when we continue our digital journey.


  • Fantastic report! It is extremely detailed and gave us a lot of great insights.


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Housewarming party

On Thursday we had our housewarming party in or new office at Karlavägen 64.

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