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In our fast-moving world, digitalization affects everyone. As a company, you risk falling behind and losing customers if you are not using digital technologies to create new revenue streams and value-producing opportunities, so it is vital that you continually adapt your business to the ever-changing digital landscape.

To help you do that, we have created a big data algorithm that enables you to calculate your Digitalization Index, an objective measure of how quickly you are becoming a more successful digital business.

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our transformation

Based on the Digitalization Index we offer a range of services that helps your company become more digital, raises your index level and in extension make you more profitable.

Through digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, sales and marketing automation and a range of other transformation tools customized to your needs, we will turn you into a successful, more digital, business.

All our transformation services

Digital Master Package

Digital Master Package

Our Digital Master Packages are customized to provide you with the optimal combination of our services, based either on your own Digitalization Index or a specific company requirement.

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digitalization workshop

Transformation Workshops

Our Transformation Workshops identify digitalization opportunities for growth that can be turned into detailed implementation blueprints.

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Search Engine Optimization

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. But with over 40 billion searches made on it every day, if you want to be found by prospective customers, you need to rank as highly as possible. Our SEO services will make sure that your website is properly optimized for organic searches.

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sociala medier

Social Media Advertising

Whether you want to raise your brand profile or sell more products, our social media advertising service will help you choose the right social channels so that you reach new target markets in the best way.

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marketing automation

Conversion Rate Optimization

Effective conversion rate optimization will help you reach your online goals faster by turning visitors into leads and then sales. By analyzing your data and using proven models, we can make sure your website, ads and all your online material are optimized for maximum conversion.

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Digital services

Transformation Services

Our range of transformation services can help you maximize your digital potential as a business in critical areas, so you stay ahead of your competitors throughout the digitalization process.

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  • The Digitization Index was invaluable in giving us an overview of our digital maturity. It showed us how we compared with our closest competitors and what areas we need to look at more closely as we continue our digital journey.


  • Fantastic report! It is extremely detailed and gave us a lot of great insights.


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